Ready to Adopt?

  • Contact us by text/email/phone to see how many deposits we have received for the future litters. We accept 6 deposits for each litter. If a spot is open you will then need to fill out our puppy questionnaire so that we may know a little about you and your expectations with your new basset hound puppy. Check out the¬†questionnaire below.
  • Once you decide which litter you prefer you may place a deposit of $200 to secure your place on that list. Your deposit may be made using the Venmo, Zelle or credit card invoice.
  • Note: If more than one litter is planned at the time, you must pick one litter to be placed on. It is not possible to be placed on more than one list.
  • When the puppies are born we will send pictures/videos on a weekly basis. When the puppies are 4 weeks old you will select the puppy you prefer in the order of deposits received.
  • When the puppies are 4 weeks old you will be required to pay half of the balance owed on your puppy. We will send an invoice directly to you via email. We will update pictures here on the website as well as weekly videos and pictures of your puppy will be sent directly to you via text/email. We will also update photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages
  • When the puppies are 8 weeks old you will pay the remaining balance owed when you pick up your puppy.

Enjoy a lifelong friendship with the most loyal breed ever! 

shipping is available, we use Pups on a Plane, LLC flight nanny services. Customer is responsible for cost.

Ready To Put Down Your Deposit?


*Important information: Deposits are strictly to hold your place. If you decide to give up your place, deposits are non-refundable unless one of the following scenarios occur:


  • The litter you are waiting for is too small (i.e you are 6th on the list and there is only 5 puppies)
  • The mom doesn’t have puppies (i.e false pregnancy, miscarriage, etc.)
  • The male we advertised as the father doesn’t cooperate when the time comes. In the event this happens you will be notified immediately and you will have the option of; a) staying on the list for the next try with the same male, b) moving to a different list, or c) receiving a refund.

Note: if you decide to move to a different list in some cases you may have to be placed behind buyers who are already on the list you select.